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Eastern Airline and 1970s Walt Disney World

Eastern Airline wings were distributed free of charge during the 1970s to guests of Walt Disney World's If You Had Wings attraction.


If You Had Wings ride-through
Live recording of full ride, c. 1985, mp3 file, mono, 2.2mb, 4:35

If You Had Wings Main Theme excerpt
IYHW theme as heard when first entering the globe, from ride demo recording c. 1971, mp3 file, mono, 185kb, :23

"You Do Have Wings"
Voice heard at the end of the ride, from live recording, 1987, mp3 file, mono, 100kb, :11

If You Had Wings demo recording
WED recording c. 1971, features voice of Peter Renoudet, mp3 file, mono, 7.8mb, 6:19

The song, If You Had Wings, was written by the prolific Disney composer Norman "Buddy" Baker and lyricist X. Atencio

The Lyrics*
If you had wings, you could do many things
You could widen your world, if you had wings
If you had wings, if you had wings, if you had wings, had wings, had wings, had wings, had wings
You could fly to a plaza, where the people play
At the Mexican fiesta, in the land of ole
You could fly to Bermuda, like a flying fish
Have a ball on a cruise ship, or catch fish if you wish
Wanna buy a sombrero, made of real fine straw?
How about a nice handbag, for pretty mama?
You could follow a tradewind, down to Old San Juan
And explore an old fortress, before traveling on
You could flitter and flutter, to the isle of springs
To that emerald green garden, and do wonderful things
You could fly with flamingos, to that old French town
Go on regale New Orleans, wear the carnival crown
You do have wings, you can do all these things,
You can widen your world, for you have wings

Post-show (exit) version:
For you have wings, For you have wings
For you have wings, have wings, have wings, have wings, have wings
* This transcription is based on comparisons of a demo recording of the ride's music and live recordings of the attraction's true audio tracks, during which the stupidity of the lyrics was made fully manifest.  WYW is not responsible for the contents of the above song nor does it assume liability for any damages resulting from the misuse of the same.

Eastern Airlines WDW Commercial with Orson Welles voiceover
 1971, wmv file, low-resolution, 2mb, 1:00
If You Had Wings ride-through
 1985, courtesy Jan & Donna Freitag, wmv file, low-resolution, 4.8mb, 4:47

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