Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who is Dick Sherman?

Earlier today, Robert's son post this picture on facebook.

"I saw this photo of Dad and Dick together in their office at Disney Studios is now on display at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. They're flanked by Chuck Berry, the Gershwin Brothers and Leonard Bernstein. Nice company to keep!"

But... Dad and DICK????

As Jeffrey Sherman  said: "In the 50's, they originally billed themselves as Bob and Dick Sherman on their songs, but when they got to Disney Studios, Walt convinced them that they should sound a bit more formal. Thus, they began writing as Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman. There may be more to it, but that's how I always heard it. They always were credited in alphabetical order, as far as I know. On this photo, my Dad (Bob/Robert) happens to be camera left, so he got first billing."
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