Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank

The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, is the only major film/animation studio not to run backlot tours. 

Designed primarily by Kem Weber under the supervision of Walt & Roy Disney, the Burbank Disney Studio buildings are the only studios to survive from the Golden Age of film.

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  1. This is moronic. You talk about Kem Webers designs for the Disney Studios, but your photos don't show any of Weber's buildings. Your most prominent photo is the graceless "Team Disney" building designed long after Weber's death. Then you comment that Disney is the only studio that doesn't offer tours of its "backlot". That's because Disney HAS NO BACKLOT! Disney's backlot was torn down by Eisner in the early 80's so they could put up office buildings like "Team Disney" And Disney doesn't have the "only buildings from he golden age of film"-- Warner Bros, Sony (formerly MGM) , Fox, and Paramount ALL have intact buildings from the "Golden age".

    Sheesh! Pathetic.


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