Friday, December 16, 2011

Disney's Buena Vista

Buena Vista means "pleasant view" in Spanish. It has been frequently used as a name for divisions of The Walt Disney Company.

Lake Buena Vista is a city in Orange County, Florida, United States. It is mostly known for being home to the Walt Disney World Resort. It is one of two Florida municipalities controlled by The Walt Disney Company.

Lake Buena Vista is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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Buena Vista is also a brand name frequently used for divisions of The Walt Disney Company, whose primary studios and offices are located on Buena Vista Street in Burbank, California.

It was originally created by Walt Disney in 1953 after the release of Peter Pan to distribute his film and television productions, thus ending a 20-year affiliation with RKO Pictures. Disney semi-retired the name in May 2007, although this name is, to the present day, used for most home video and DVD distribution.

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We have a lot of places around the world with this same name:


    * Buena Vista, Bolivia, capital of the Ichilo province of the Santa Cruz Department


    * Buena Vista Road, Edmonton
    * Buena Vista, Saskatchewan
    * Buena Vista, Saskatoon, a neighborhood in the city of Saskatoon


    * Buena Vista Nature Reserve in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
    * Bay of Buena Vista

Dominican Republic

    * Buena Vista, Dominican Republic, a municipal district of the Jarabacoa municipality


    * Buena Vista, Peru, site of 4200 y.o. observatory near Lima

United States

(by state)

    * Buena Vista, Amador County, California
    * Buena Vista Oil Field in Kern County, California
    * Buena Vista, former name of Buttonwillow, California, in Kern County
    * Buena Vista, Mariposa County, California
    * Buena Vista, Nevada County, California
    * Buena Vista Park, a park in the Haight-Ashbury and Buena Vista Heights neighborhoods of San Francisco, California
    * Buena Vista, Santa Clara County, California
    * Buena Vista, former name of Visalia, California, in Tulare County
    * Buena Vista, Colorado
    * Buena Vista (St. Georges, Delaware), listed on the NRHP in Delaware
    * Buena Vista, Miami, a neighborhood within the City of Miami
    * Lake Buena Vista, Florida (owned by The Walt Disney Company; see also the Disney divisions below)
    * Buena Vista, Georgia
    * Buena Vista Township, Schuyler County, Illinois
    * Buena Vista, Indiana
    * Buena Vista County, Iowa
    * North Buena Vista, Iowa
    * Buena Vista (Stonewall, Louisiana), listed on the NRHP in Louisiana
    * Buena Vista (Leonardtown, Maryland), listed on the NRHP in Maryland
    * Buena Vista, Michigan
    * Buena Vista Charter Township, Michigan
    * Buena Vista Township, New Jersey
    * Buena Vista, Ohio (disambiguation), 4 different places are named Buena Vista in this state
    * Buena Vista, Oregon
    * Buena Vista Historic District, Nashville, TN, listed on the NRHP in Tennessee
    * Buena Vista, Virginia
    * Buena Vista (Roanoke, Virginia), listed on the NRHP in Virginia
    * Buena Vista, Portage County, Wisconsin, a town
    * Buena Vista, Richland County, Wisconsin, a town
    * Buena Vista Marsh, Wisconsin, a state wildlife refuge
    * Buena Vista Lake Bed, a watershed within the Great Basin
    * Montgomery-Janes-Whittaker House, commonly known as Buena Vista Mansion, listed on the NRHP in Autauga County, Alabama

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